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Few come to sit & think around corners, others just want to shit & stink!

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We live in a fast-moving world and know the importance of time, so as with toilet outdoors. Lack of sanitation may cause serious problems...
outdoor toilet

More problems in stats

queuing for toilet

When you want to pee

While blowing your
stuffed nose

When you’re Instagramming
on your cell phone

When you have

Every minute at least 1 death count increases due to lack of basic sanitation

sanitation worldwide

sanitation water contaminants Harmful water
sanitation lack of proper sanitation Lack of proper
sanitation bad hygiene habits Bad hygiene

2.3 Billion

People around the world don’t have toilet facility

Sustainable sanitation facilities in modern world require spacious land, energy, and water resources. They are expensive to construct, maintain and operate for a temporary need.

Renting Portable Toilet would be an excellent choice for all the outdoor sanitation necessities!

porta potty features
Features & amenities of the unit may differ from one another


For construction work

  • If the budget is minimal, then rent standard portable restroom - available for immediate need and costs less
  • Need less water-usage option? Then select flush enabled toilet- saves whole lot of water in each flush

For parties

For corporate events and special occasions

For specially challenged individuals

portable toilet

special occasion

Special Occasion





family gathering

Family Gathering

movie sets

Movie Sets

job site

Job Site

beach parties

Beach Parties

camp sites

Camp Sites

outdoor wedding

Outdoor Wedding

corporate events

Corporate Events

construction sites

Construction Site

graduation day

Graduation Day

Give a space for the comfort, and if you do, you will be radically more present in all that you do. It doesn't make a difference where you are, what you are doing, how important the meeting is, who you are with. As a matter of priority, you should respect nature's calling.

It is necessary to understand the presence of portable toilet at the overarching initiative, especially at outdoors. In the event, where structural prerequisites for a conventional toilet is unavailable or short of water supply, Portable toilet is a fundamental choice to handle the situation.

Unlike Portable toilet, people also call it as a Portable restroom, Portable Potty, Porta-john, and so on. But in general Porta potty is the most commonly used name to signify the facility.

What Should You Know Before Renting a Porta Potty?

Do You Know?

As per study, the more features your Smartphone has, the longer you sit on the toilet

There were more than 2000 Porta-potties at Trump's Inauguration

• We happen to visit toilets about 2500 times in a year and maybe more when having a stomachache/ diarrhea, during many times a year

• 4 out of 10 people don’t have a safe way to poop that’s 2.5 billion people

• Germs from a flushing can push forward up to 6 feet. Each time you flush toilet, bacteria get carried and can turn into a potential reason for infection. Thus, maintaining a distance from toilet seat would be the best idea

• According to the NIH, about four million Americans suffer from constipation, what if one among them is your guest for the upcoming event

• Wary! Accidents do happen in toilets. King George II even died falling off the toilet in 1760. And nearly 40,000 Americans are injured in toilets every year

  • The approximate number of users
  • Type of porta potty unit
  • Rental duration
  • Budget limit
  • Amenities
toilet facts

Did you realize that you
were flushing up to 26 liters of water in each flush

Porta potty
uses 90% less water than
a conventional toilet

What type of Porta potty will match my requirement?

Standard Portable Restroom are ideal choice for outdoor events and construction sites

Deluxe Restroom – Flushing facilitates attachable sink and flushable toilet

VIP Self Contained Restroom offers sophisticated sanitary arrangements for special occasions

  • Spacious
  • All-in-one self-contained unit
  • Waste repository bin within itself
  • Climate-proof floor mats
  • Designed to match the VIP standards
  • Tenacious fiber surfaces


How to Rent a Porta Potty?

There are various reputed organizations providing the porta potty rental services across the nation, choosing the best one could be tricky!

You can find numerous varieties of porta potties and one will certainly be perfect for the requirements you have. Whatever your prerequisites, there exists a distinctive type of porta potty just for you, yet it could be tricky to pick the right one!

In order to avoid the conflict, you need to know the required amenities and features of the unit

Most of the units accompany a few basic highlights, such as:

  • Soap dispenser
  • Toilet paper
  • Door lock
  • Seat cover

However, the amenities and features may vary from one service provider to another

Whereas advanced porta potty features a mirror and anti-slip surface. A VIP arrangement goes the extent that offering inside lighting. The more amenities incorporated, the expensive the rental will be, yet it might be justified, despite all the trouble to make the user experience comfortable and happy.

The combination of standalone portable sink station with a standard portable restroom is the best rental option. It offers all-around comfort at affordable price range.

Get More Details About the Advanced Features


If you aren’t sure about your selection of the unit or finding it hard to make a move, the below process could help you get rid of such instances!

how to rent a porta potty

To Rent

porta potty requirements

your requirement

porta potty search

for Service

suitable porta potty

browse & select
the suitable unit

porta potty request quote

a quote

porta potty price estimation

get estimation

porta potty rental deal

the deal

Eventually, every event or job site is different, and the number of porta potties you need to rent will be depending on the fine points of the intent or plan. Most of the service providers such as Porta Potty Direct, have trained professionals on board to help you determine the suitable unit that you can rent within the budget limit. How much does it cost to rent a porta potty for a month and more! Organizations like Porta Potty Direct brings years of experience; delivering the units to the outdoor sanitation requirement around the nation and able to scale accurately the number of unit you need based on type, location, participants and the length of the of event you are planning to organize.

Excellent! Get ready to flush the blush ;)
But before that request a Free Quote Here

Few Instances when you need to rent a Porta Potty

Birthday Party

Most of the birthday parties are organized outdoors; hence the arrangements are expected to match the comfort guidelines; in that case, restroom orchestration plays a crucial role. Renting a suitable porta potty unit could do the trick and ensure hassle-free access to the restroom. The unit offers an instant solution to the temporary need of restroom outdoors with all necessary features.

Suggested Units:Standard portable restroom and deluxe restroom flushing are a handy choice at the affordable price range. If you are specific about standards, and amenities then you will have other options as well.

Weekend Party

Weekend parties are mostly planed at the last moments; thus it could be confronting to organize the things around in short-time, perhaps the reason why people choose the open place at the backyard or private property as a party place. You may need to sit and list the requirement accordingly, but it’s not the same case for temporary restroom anymore tough because your orders will be accepted and processed on the same day of delivery to the doorstep. However, you need to select the unit prior to placing the order.

Suggested Units:Standard portable restroom and deluxe restroom flushing are a handy choice at the affordable price range. If you are specific about standards, and amenities then you will have other options as well.

Wedding Reception

The memorable occasion is likely to find an outdoor place as its favorite to celebrate the unforgettable event, and there are plenty of arrangements you would need to consider; starting with the restroom. Porta potty rental facility is the standout for all temporary sanitation arrangement, as there are varieties of units available with enchanting looks and amenities in cards. In most of the cases, People have different preferences such as rental price, and features and they settle on the unit type consequently.

Suggested Units:VIP self-contained restroom, Mobile restroom trailer, and ADA compliant portable toilet

House Renovation

When you are renovating the house, the water usage is crucial, especially for restroom use. However, the nature call is uncertain, and you may need to be prepared for the uneven consequences too. Thus, installing appropriate porta potty is imperative; maybe you need to outline the number of days you are planning to utilize the rental facility. At that point in time, you would need a unit which limits the water usage yet help you deal with the nature call considering the frequent use first. Deluxe restroom-flushing can do the job for you, as it uses the less water in each flush.

Suggested Units:Deluxe restroom-flushing and standard portable restroom.

Outdoor Workplaces

Repair works, road works, and temporary industrial working units are expected to have safe access to the sanitation facility. Since the locations of working area changes on a frequent basis, the ease of moving the temporary restroom along with crew is unavoidable; thus mobile restroom trailer is the perfect choice to suffice the requirement, which features the attached trailer to make it comfortable for mobility.

Suggested Units:Mobile restroom trailer and Mobile shower trailer.

Construction Sites

Renting a porta potty for a construction site is in practice since long ago; nevertheless, you may encounter tiff situation when you pick the unit in a random manner with lack of information about the requirement. To avoid such instances, you would need to contact the customer care of the service provider and take the suggestions on selecting the unit based on your requirement.

Suggested Units:Standard portable restroom, Deluxe restroom- flushing, and Mobile restroom trailer.

Where to Rent a Porta Potty?

Installing porta potty will help reduce the unhealthy atmospheric condition outdoors; thus it is necessary to understand where to rent one and what are the features you need within the unit to enhance the sanitation facility. To get more insights, we reach customers to know their experience using the porta potty rental experience, such as

  • Is the unit delivered on time to the location?
  • Was everything in the unit in working condition and functioning well?
  • Did service provided satisfied the requirement of sanitation facility?
  • If you want to suggest us something, what it would be?
  • Overall, how do you rate our service?

And much more!

Like many other forms to keep in touch with the customers, requesting the feedback gives a chance to know what they are expecting from us to suffice their need, thus, it helps us to develop a closer relationship with them indeed. On the other hand, it is also one of the best ways to know more about the customer viewpoint towards the organization; subsequently, the opinion shared will be appreciated and considered as a reference to improve the service.

Our action towards the feedback helps customers to know more about us, and unmistakably it is a gesture of loyalty for the betterment of organization growth.

As a result, it helped us to deliver the best service so far, precisely which benefits the customer to overcome the poor sanitation and adopt the hygiene practice without investing much time.

We are teamed up with professionally trained individuals to understand the customer requirement and suggest them a right choice of unit to match their requirement. Thus, we are well organized in every stream of the portable toilet rental service to deliver the best sanitation facility nationwide to prevent the poor hygiene and sanitation incidents.

What makes us stand different in this context?

  • We give priority to the hygiene and proper sanitation, then comes the next part of the business
  • Understanding the customer requirement and providing the suitable service is our main concern whatsoever
  • Change is inevitable, and we strive to bring one to improve the user experience in every possible situation
  • We provide the extended service all over the nation to full fill the need of sanitation, thus no hassle of ordering the unit from any corner of the United States
  • Completely pump it, clean and resupply all portable toilets and deliver them to the customer’s location clean and free of odor
  • Poor sanitation is a threat, and we are working to minimize it

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Porta Potty?

As we know that porta-potties come in different shape, sizes, and features, the same applies for the rental price as well.

$150 to $220
standard portable restroom

Standard portable restroom could cost $150 to $220,

$250 to $350
deluxe restroom flushing

You can rent a Deluxe Restroom- Flushing ranging from $250 to $350, which is bit expensive but worth spending money

$230 to $330
ADA compliant portable toilet

If you are planning to rent an ADA compliant portable toilet to ensure the care for specially disabled individuals, it may cost you nearly $230 to $330

VIP self-contained restrooms

VIP self-contained restrooms are available $450 onwards; which features high-end facilities for better convenience

standalone portable sink station

Standalone portable sink stations are available from $150 onwards, and receive an extra prominence for its absolute comfort to place anywhere around the corners

Searching a cost-effective porta potty unit is no less than challenge, in contrast to the above pricing; chances that you may get the cheaper rental deal or end up paying few extra bucks. So you need to be clear about your requirement and the budget limit before renting or contacting any service provider in order to find a quick access to rent a porta potty unit. On the other hand, people are fascinated towards the features and lower rental price; though it’s a smart move, you also need to verify whether your porta potty unit is environment-friendly or just suffices your needs of sanitation.

Why you need to rent an Environmental Friendly porta potty?

The attempt to be an environmentally friendly to care for wellbeing is a sensible move, and it’s mere step to educate yourself, perhaps it is normal. Fortunately, awareness about the environment helps to stay clean and healthy, especially when you are concerned about the sanitation arrangement and know how to utilize the porta potty rental to get rid of the consequences. Whether it is a special occasion or corporate event, the top of the line porta potty option enables your visitors to stay agreeable all through your occasion and facilitates a cleaner, greener, and compelling means for sanitation arrangement.

The term environmentally friendly is broad and classified in different assets. In contrast to the sanitation, the units provided by Porta Potty Direct are highly equipped and designed with the concern to minimize the risk of unhygienic hazards of disposing the waste. The facility also reduces usage of water in toilet outdoors and protects the surrounding for better tomorrow.

Top three Aspects of Porta Potty Which Would Help us to Ensure the Wellbeing at Outdoors

Excreta and garbage disposal: : Excreta disposal is a crucial part of the porta potty rental process, thus we have a separate team to deal with it, and so the proximity of the panic situations is comparatively less. Erstwhile, the same could take a whole lot of time for the conventional toilet. On the other hand, if there is no arrangement for the junk at an occasion, heaps of waste unavoidably shows up, which can wreak devastation on the prosperity of nature and of course the visitors too.

  • VIP- Self-contained Restroom comes with an in-restroom waste container to collect the garbage and people find it convenient to use
  • The collected waste will be composted or recycled right after the end of rental duration
  • In addition, the unit viable in all weather condition outdoors

Water Conservation:The water is precious, and we have to use it only when it is required.

  • The Deluxe Restroom- Flushing is well versed for the proper utilization of water to reduce the excess amount of water use
  • Whereas the similar features are available in mobile restroom and shower trailer too, perhaps the facility is advanced in contrast to the Deluxe Restroom- Flushing

Depending on the requirement, any of the options is perfect to control the water flow. Consequently, these low-stream toilets happen to use not as much as a gallon of water for each flush, so regardless of whether you are organizing a big party for a long guest list, you can still manage it with a decent amount of water for the sanitation.

Protect the Surrounding: If you are planning to organize an event or party, else; planning to start the long-term construction project, you ought to consider the required arrangements to protect the surrounding to guard yourselves, others and the wildlife from unhygienic activities. Without appropriate restroom, it's conceivable that human waste could contaminate the environment and cause a quick spread of malady all through the neighborhood vegetation and animal inhabitants. So the idea of porta potty rental is sensible move to protect the surrounding and also ensures the wellbeing.

  • It gives visitors an assigned range to diminish themselves to refresh
  • Enabling nature to stay undisturbed by human waste
  • The unit is portable, and occupies less space, thus it is perfect for temporary needs

Protecting the environment and ensuring the hygiene is primary objective to imply the best sanitation practice. We Porta Potty Direct contributing our bit by offering the sanitation services concerning portable toilet; you can make us feel proud and motivated to take the existing service to the next level, just by renting a porta potty unit whenever you have a requirement. Contact us at 877-240-4411 to know more about our service and applicable discount offers in your location.